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Hekky Shader Docs


Welcome to the documentation website for Hekky Shaders!

Hekky Shaders are a collection of Shaders designed primarily for world creation. Below are a few links to get you started:

What is PBR?

Learn about what PBR rendering is.

What is Hekky PBR?

Learn about what Hekky’s PBR shaders have to offer.

Hekky Atmosphere

A skybox designed to replace the default Unity skybox.

Hekky Display

A shader designed to mimic the look and feel of displays.

Volumetric Lighting

Volumetric Lighting is a relatively simple volumetric lighting solution for Unity.

Who Asked

Yes, this is a shader. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

Editor Extensions

Learn about the editor extensions that get bundled with Hekky’s Shaders.