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Shader Reference

Patreon only

This shader requires the 10 EUR tier or higher

This shader is a variant

Most properties behave in the same manner as they do in Hekky PBR

Shader Inspector


Sliders next to textures control the intensity of the texture!

Rendering Mode
Allows you to change the material from opaque mode to transparency mode.



All textures share sampling settings the Texture sampling settings. The only exceptions are the subpixel layout, matcap textures.

This section describes the behavior of a display expressed by a material using Hekky Display.

Display Texture
The albedo / diffuse / base texture. Can also be tinted. Generally this would be a RenderTexture from a VideoPlayer.
Aspect Ratio
The aspect ratio of the display, Defaults to 16:9. Used to ensure that videos maintain aspect ratio. To disable it, set the value to 1. To use a custom aspect ratio, replace the : with a divide operator /. For example, using 4/3 sets the aspect ratio to 4:3.
Subpixel Layout
A subpixel layout texture. Example textures are provided in Assets/Hekky/Textures/SubpixelLayouts. This texture is an RGB texture which gets multiplied with a pixel from the video texture.
Subpixel Scale X / Y
Scales the subpixel texture along the X and Y axes. 1 means no scaling.
Subpixel Resolution
The “physical” resolution of the display. To emulate a 1080p display for example, set the resolution to 1920 by 1080.
Snap To Subpixels
Snaps the display texture to the subpixel grid, which would remove gradients in subpixels, emulating LCDs better.
Overscan X / Y
Adds an unlit, black border around the display. Useful for CRTs. This section doesn’t get affected by the backlight.
Adds a backlight to the display, to emulate an LCD better.
Turns the image grayscale, useful if you’re trying to aim for a “vintage” look.
Flip in Mirrors
Flips the screen when viewed through a mirror. Useful so that text remains readable.
Flip on Backside
Flips the screen when viewed through the backface of a mesh. Useful so that text remains readable.


Strobing refers to the behavior exhibited primarily by CRTs when attempted to be recorded with incorrect shutter speed settings on a camera. This effect isn’t present to the naked eye.

Strobe In Cameras
Enables strobing in VRChat Cameras
Controls the size of the strobing effect.
Controls the duration of the strobing effect.
Controls the speed of the strobing effect.
Minimum Light
The minimum light from dark areas under the strobing effect.
Strobe Start / Strobe End
These control the start and end of the strobing effect. The strobe gets remapped such that the start is mapped to 0, and the end is mapped to 1.


Since Hekky Display is built upon Hekky PBR, it automatically gets glare due to reflections. To mimic anti-glare coating, reduce the roughness slider to a value near 0.