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Volumetric Lighting

Patreon only

This shader requires the 10 EUR tier or higher

Volumetric Lighting is a relatively simple volumetric lighting solution for Unity.

What is this?

“Volumetric Lighting” is NOT a god-rays implementation. This solution simulates the lighting reflected by dust particles in the air.

No Volumetric Lighting Volumetric Lighting


Requires baked lighting

This shader takes advantage of light probes to calculate volumetric lighting efficiently. As a result, if you wish to use this in a scene, make sure you have light probes wherever you want volumetric lighting, and that they are baked.

Navigate to “Hekky/Examples/Prefabs”, and drag the “VolumetricVolume” prefab into your scene. It will move with the camera once you enter play mode, build the project, or load the world in VRChat.

The script attached to this prefab anchors the mesh with the camera so that it always covers the entire screen, and can receive light probe data to quickly render volumetric lighting.


The overall intensity of the volumetric lighting.