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Who Asked

Patreon only

This shader requires the 10 EUR tier or higher

Who Asked is a simple radar shader, with AudioLink functionality because “it’s funny™“.

Table of Contents

Shader Inspector


Number of rings to render.
Ring Color
Color of the rings.
Ring Thickness
Thickness of each ring.
Ring Emission
How emissive the ring should be.


Radar Color
The color of the radar.
Radar Width
The width of the radar.
Radar Alpha
The transparency of the radar.
Radar Fade From Edge
Controls the fade threshold from the edge of the radar.
Radar Fade Intensity
Controls how gradual the fade on the radar is.
Radar Emission
How emissive the radar should be.
Radar AudioLink
Enables AudioLink.
Radar Band
The audio channel to react to.
Radar Emission
The maximum emission when using AudioLink.
Ring Phase Offset Angle
The maximum additional angle the phase offset should use.


Turn Speed
How fast the radar will spin.
Fallback Texture
A fallback texture which is used in the event that the shader fails to load and resorts to a fallback shader.
Render Queue
Controls when to render this material. See the Unity Docs for more information.
Double Sided Global Illumination
Enables double sided global illumination for this material. See the Unity Docs for more information.